TB Poulsen Laboratory

Lab Alumni


Michail Tsakos (Postdoc 2014-15)

Subsequent career:

Postdoc McGill University (Tzantrizos lab);

Postdoc Yale University (Herzon Lab)

Independent Researcher at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Wei Yuan (Postdoc 2013-14)

Subsequent career:

Associate Professor, State Key Laboratory for Molecular Oncology,

Cancer Institute and Cancer Hospital, CAMS, Beijing, China


Eva S. Schaffert (Postdoc 2013-14)


Lise L. Clement (PhD student 2011-15)

Subsequent career:

Medicinal Chemist, QA, Aarhus University Hospital


Wanwan Yu (PhD student 2013-16)

Subsequent career:

Postdoc Mr Planck Institute für Kohlenforshung (Ritter lab)

H. Lundbeck A/S (Discovery chemistry)


Nikolaj Villadsen (PhD student 2013-17)

Subsequent career:

H. Lundbeck A/S (Process chemistry)


Sebastiano Rupiani (Visiting Phd student 2014)


Christopher Loveridge (Master student 2016-17)

Subsequent career:

R&D Chemist at MedCan Pharma A/S


Henriette Tobiesen (Master student 2016-17)

Subsequent career:

PhD-student, Department of Chemistry Aarhus University (KA Jørgensen lab)


Line Clemmensen (Master student 2016-17)

Subsequent career:

AC-TAP at Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University


Rasmus Djurhuus (Master student 2015-16)

Subsequent career:

Account Manager Agilent Technologies


Bjørn Christensen (Master student 2015-16)

Subsequent career:

Analytical chemist at Eurofins Steins

Frank Norstrøm Olsen (Master student 2014-15)

Subsequent career:

Novo Nordisk A/S


Esben Thybo Weibel (Master student 2014-15)

Subsequent career:

Novo Nordisk A/S


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Fax: +45 86 19 61 99



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